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I've worked at Figs for more than 2 years and it's been a marvelous experience as a worker and especially as a teacher.

After working in different schools in Japan, I've found that Figs is the best learning environment for kids as they combine modern teaching methods and kids can make full use of their abilities and put into practice all the creativity they own.

It's a safe place where good manners are fostered; kids develop and improve their communication skills in an ongoing English spoken environment, and not only learn the language but also their self-confidence is built up.

Figs is truly a great and different option for kids, families and teachers.


 When I first started at Figs, I noticed how different it is from other schools I have worked at.

 First, the atmosphere there is very easy going and you can enjoy working with overall well-behaved children where you get accustomed to fast.   Second, the students at Figs are always enthusiastic and well behaved. Basically, the kids are taught important manners and values to keep the lessons smooth.

 Third, the lessons consist of up to 6 students teaching English as well as fun experiments and challenges that help develop their other senses. These variety of activities with the focus on practical English communication throughout the whole class time and play time creates a unique environment where kids can comfortably speak and be themselves using English.

 At Figs, the small classes you teach allow you to incorporate a bit of your own style into the lessons and focus more on individual students. We help build the students’ confidence with their pronunciation, vocabulary skills, and using phrases. The students can gain the experience to become better English speakers.

 Also, you get to go on school trips with the students but you can actually enjoy the trip unlike other schools.

 Overall, Figs is a small fun school that focuses on communication and confidence building through various activities for a much more hands on approach with English.


Working at Figs International School gives me joy and fulfillment as a teacher.

The classroom environment is light and as much as possible we make every session fun and interactive.

I am truly grateful to my co-teachers for constantly sharing ideas and tips on how we would improve our relationship with our students and deliver quality education.

 Further, I love how this school tickles the creative minds of our students and encourage them to think outside the box and think/produce something original.

 Also, on special occasions and events we introduce different cultures and facts around the world to our students so when the time comes in the future they would easily adapt to the international environment/setting.

 Doing different activities while learning english is the most fun part at Figs.

 There will always be something to look forward to!


 Working for Figs International School has been a fulfilling and amazing experience for me!

 With friendly coworkers and students with eagerness to learn English, I highly recommend this school for everyone!

 To the students who are looking for a great place to learn English or future employees who want to work for a great company, this is the place for you!

 I was so impressed with how well the students behaved and genuinely have a passion to learn English here.

 I believe the great work environment that Figs provides is the reason why this school has an incredible English program with phenomenal English improvement.

 The staff at Figs put in a lot of effort with lesson planning to create a positive experience for the students. The staff here are always looking for new ways to better improve the curriculum to ensure the best learning experience for the students.

 Figs incorporates many learning methods such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, phonics and interactive hands-on activities into each lesson plan. This allows for variety of learning experiences that fits the student’s needs.The activity of the day is a unique activity and is a concept that isn’t found in many English schools in Japan.

 At Figs, the activity is based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

 Through these activities, I have noticed improvements in the student’s English and communication skills with one another. The students have a lot of fun with the daily activity.With a great balance of student per teacher ratio and different English level classes available, students are able to have a positive learning experience that helps them grow.To future employees, the work environment is incredible!

 The students are amazing, you will always be doing something new, and the communication between other staff is very effective and organized. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work at Figs!

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